What is Google+?

What is Google+?

Google+ is a new social networking service launched by Google on the 28th June 2011. It is set to be Googles answer to Facebook. Google has tried in the past with products such as Buzz, Open Social and Orkut. These never really caught on and didn’t live up to expectations, so now it has launched its latest offering which is its most comprehensive and impressive Google+. If you have a google account you will automatically be integrated seamless to Google+.

The first thing users will be introduced to is the Stream, this is pretty much like the Facebook News Feed where you can share content and see what friends are sharing. The design is clean and looks simple to use.

Circles is a way of dropping and dragging friends into different circles, ie for friend family or co-workers. I like this idea as I have two groups of friends, one from my home town and the other from where I live now. So it would be good to create circles or custom groups for these.

There is a section specifically for viewing, managing and editing multimedia. There is a photo tab which will take users to all the photes the friend is sharing as well as ones he or she is tagged in. There is more to the tagging of images compared to facebook as there is a photo effects editor with privacy options and sharing features.

The new video chat feature looks to be pretty cool. There is a “hangouts” feature which means users can click to start a hangout. You will be taken to an empty room and then your friends will be told you are “hanging out” which temps friends to join you. A great feature is that rather than having a separate chat window for each conversation; it has one which changes chat screen to whoever is currently talking. The maximum members in any one video hangout are just 10, but users can get on a waiting list and wait for someone to leave.

Sparks is a part of Google+ where people who use social media to consume news will beable to pull stories, videos and other cool content relating to your specific interest.

Interesting according to Google, the actual content in the Sparks stream is completely different from the results you’d get if you put the same term into the Google search engine.

Very soon there will be mobile apps for of course the Android which will include access to the Stream, Circles, Sparks and tall the shared multimedia. One feature will see every photo taken on your phone through Google+ will automatically be uploaded to your computer, ready to share. Any images will not be instantly public, you will have to login in and allow sharing. If you don’t do this after eight hours the images will not be available to share. Google+ does have plans to launch mobile apps for other platforms in the near future.

Google has freely admitted that their previous attempts at social were not great. But they have always had an issue with Facebook. The two companies are in heated competition for talent, page views and consumers, sounds like a clash of egos to me. While Google still controls the search market and has a strong presence on mobile with Android, they have never been able to crack social networking. Their most successful social product is YouTube, but this wasn’t developed by them and

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they bought it which was one of the companies most acquired, and it expensive acquisitions in the company’s history.

Will it catch on? Time will tell. It has to prove that it can draw users and keep them engaged in a way that is better that Facebook or Twitter. This is a tall order but if there is one company that will get Facebook and Twitter a little nervous it will be Google. Google luck Google, I for one am all behind you.

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