What is Halal?

What is Halal?

What is halal? You can see it when you come across meat shops, markets, food stalls, and the like. Have you ever wondered why this is such an important thing to take note of? Most likely, just like me, you did. In this article, we are going to tackle the meaning of halal and why it has such a huge implication in culture and society.

The question of what is halal can be answered in 2 ways. Literally speaking, halal means anything, may it be an object or an action that is permissible to do or use according to Islamic law, or better known as Sharia. For example, an action is considered halal as long as it follows the Sharia. This brings us to the second way of defining halal. The second way of defining halal is that it is the dietary laws of the Muslims. In this code, it is specified what a Muslim can and cannot eat according to the Qur’an’s teachings.
What is halal food? In the halal system, food can be classified to 3 divisions. The first classification is halal. Literally meaning permissible or lawful, this class of food are those that are allowed to be fed on by Muslims. Included in the list of halal food including grains, vegetables, fruits, seafoods, and meat that is properly slaughtered (yes, the Muslims have a system of slaughtering animals for meat). On the other side of the spectrum are foods that are considered haram which literally means anything prohibited according to the Qur’an. Foods that are explicitly defined as haram are as follows: pork or any pork byproduct, carrion (dead animals), blood, intoxicants such as alcohol, birds of prey (such as vultures), and animals that are not slaughtered properly. While there is a definite line between halal and haram, there is something that is considered a gray line. If something cannot be defined either as halal or haram, it is classified into the 3rd division, mashbooh. Literally meaning questionable, the partaking of foods classified here is according to the discretion of the person.
What is halal and its impact on society? Even though the halal system is strongly adhered to by almost all Muslims, it is by all means difficult to enforce, especially in countries where Islam is not the primary religion. Still, a huge number of the world population is Muslims, so most countries still take good consideration of these rules. Restaurants label if their food adheres to the halal system. Also, it can be seen on certain processed food that it has a halal label. Possession of such a label means that it is processed according to the halal food system. Most take this seriously that falsification of this labeling has led to some controversy. Also, the slaughtering system of Muslims, the Dhabihah, has caused a stir to some groups. While Muslims proclaim that their system is a humane one, animal welfare groups find it otherwise. While these controversies abound, you still expect the halal system to live on so long as there are followers.

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