What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy?

A Traditional Naturopath uses a range of non-invasive techniques such as a detailed intake during consultation, iridology (iris diagnosis), tongue analysis, blood pressure, testing for zinc deficiency and any other tests required to assess the causative factors of a patient’s health problem. Traditional Naturopaths do not name a disease nor do they need to because the holistic approach looks at the physical, mental and emotional aspects, the function of the various systems of the body as well as external influences to ascertain the best protocol for the individual patient. Using natural medicines that have been utilized for thousands of years including herbal extracts, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, diet, exercise and lifestyle improvements, Traditional Naturopathy encourages recovery through the body’s inherent healing ability. Traditional Naturopathy will look to the root cause of a problem and strive to get rid of it for good.

Some people just want to maintain good health or increase their stamina. Dr. Strande can also accommodate the patient in this area by counseling the patient on maintaining health through diet, exercise and the use of natural medicines. This approach will maintain a healthy balance in the body so the patient may live a healthy state as we are all meant to live.

Dr. Strande practices traditional naturopathy as it was originally intended. There are many alternative practitioners available but few get the desired results he obtains. Most of Dr. Strande’s patients will notice an improvement in their symptoms within 7-10 days. Recently in the United States, some “naturopaths” are using a more Allopathic approach (using invasive procedures and encouraging the use of pharmaceuticals).

Dr. Strande strictly practices Traditional Naturopathy, which advocates a natural approach to healing. However, Dr. Strande will work in conjunction with the traditional medical approach allopathic medicine and many patients use Dr. Strande’s protocol in conjunction with surgery or drugs. He is more than willing to work with the patient that wants to use both approaches to healing and encourages the patient to take a proactive approach to their healthcare choices.

As more Americans have become educated about the benefits of traditional naturopathy, Dr. Strande’s approach has gained recognition as an alternative to conventional treatments or as a complimentary method to improving healthcare. People are seeking long term solutions to chronic problems and are no longer satisfied with the temporary or “band-aid” approach of some pharmaceutical company sponsored medicine. It is possible to completely eliminate chronic or recurring problems without dangerous side-effects.

A Consultation with Dr. Strande

During a consultation with Dr. Strande, it will be necessary for the patient to answer many questions in order for him to establish a medical history. Dr. Strande will look at physical and emotional problems as well as lifestyle to ascertain the underlying cause of the patient’s health problem. We recommend that new patients take some time prior to the consultation and make a list of any physical or emotional problems so that when you have your initial consultation you do not forget any issues that need to be addressed. Even though a problem may not seem related to your current health condition, knowing details about your health will help Dr. Strande establish a health care plan that will get the best results. The length of the initial consultation depends entirely on the individual and their condition. Most patients can expect to spend between 45 minutes to an hour for the initial treatment. Dr. Strande may also use Iridology (Iris Diagnosis) or Tongue Analysis to determine current, prior or potential future health conditions of the patient. If medical tests such as blood tests, etc. are necessary, this will be arranged. During your consultation, herbal extracts will be dispensed and possible amino acids or other supplements to yield the best results possible. You will be given a thorough explanation of dosages and given an instructions sheet to take home with you.

Herbal Medicine

Dr. Strande utilizes herbal medicine, one of the most universal and ancient forms of medicine known to mankind. It’s a medicine made exclusively from plant sources. Not that long ago, herbal medicine was widely accepted in the United States until World War II, when penicillin was invented and allopathic medicine gained control as the more accepted form of healthcare. Herbal medicine is becoming popular once again as scientific research validates the beneficial use of the active chemistry in plant based medicine. As people become more frustrated with pharmaceutical company sponsored medicine, they are turning to more natural and efficient forms of healthcare. Herbal medicine is extremely safe and effective when prescribed by a highly qualified practitioner. Dr. Strande has over twenty years clinical experience with herbal medicine. Dr. Strande uses herbal extracts imported from Australia, one of the cleanest environments in the world. All herbal formulas are individual to the patient bases symptoms, presented at the time of consultation. The reason Dr. Strande gets such amazing results in such a timely manner, is the very concentrated extracts in high doses he uses in every bottle of herbs he dispenses. This gets the maximum result in the shortest amount of time. All of the herbal preparations dispensed are based on the latest scientific research. Herbal remedies prepared for the patient may contain one or several herbs depending on the patient’s need at the time of consultation.


Inadequate nutrition may eventually lead to imbalances in the body as well as the emotional state. When an individual has a poor nutritional state combined with stress, environmental pollutants, lack of fresh air, and poor exercise habits then it’s possible for a diseased state to occur in the body. Dr. Strande will identify the relationship between diet and food allergies and the possible need to adjust diet, exercise or add herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or any other supplement necessary to resolve a nutritional imbalance. He will guide the patient to an individualized diet to maximize healing results and encourage the patient to either add or eliminate certain foods.

Dr. Strande has practiced Naturopathy in the United States since 1998. He obtained a Board Certification in Naturopathy from the Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education in Washington, D.C. in 1998. Please visit his website at www.simplyhealingclinc.com to see a list of all his professional memberships, licenses and credentials.

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