What is Sunburn?

What is Sunburn?

We’ve all had the same experience: a beautiful day, everybody packed and headed to the beach or park where after several hours of fun and good food and lying down on a blanket you realize your skin has become a tender, painful red that stings to the touch. Suddenly your clothing is rasping and you have a bad headache, and your beautiful day has been ruined. We’ve all experienced sunburn, but what is going on exactly? What causes our skin to burn, and what can we do to protect it against damage and future pain? In today’s article we’ll take a basic look at what a sunburn is, and help you understand your responsibilities to your own skin.

A sunburn is damage caused to your skin by the ultra-violet rays of the sun (UV). These rays can cause your skin to become red and for you to experience mild pain, which indicates a first degree burn as only the superficial levels of your skin are damaged. Usually all these

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burns need are some cream or aloe at home for you to feel better. Worse is a second degree burn, where the skin swells and turns red and manifests blisters. This means that deep layers of skin have been affected, and even nerve endings might have been damaged. This is usually much more painful and takes much longer to heal.

Sunburn can also be accompanied by other problems, such as heatstroke, an allergic reaction to the sun, and even problems with your sight such as blurring, decreased vision, and partial or even complete blindness. What’s worse, frequent sunburns can increase your chances of getting skin cancer, the number cold sores you might get on your lips, and even cataracts and basic changes to your skin.

Sunburn is worst during the time between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon.

That’s when you should be especially careful of what you are wearing and how much sunscreen you should put on. Further, you will heighten your chances of sunburn if you are near a reflective surface such as water, mirrors, or glass, while being out in the summer will always raise the chances as well.

In order to protect yourself, be sure to wear a good amount of sunscreen at all times, to wear sun-proof clothing that is of dark coloration and tightly knit, and to never stay in the sun too long between ten and 4pm.

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